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Умягчение жесткой воды из скважины.

Well water deferrization

Home water treatment should include deferrization if the concentration of iron exceeds the standard 0.3 mg/l.

Deferrization of water

Well and well water is often full of iron. It is not safe for your health and can promote blood diseases and cause allergic reactions. Laundry washed in water with a high concentration of iron stains, and stains on tiles and plumbing can be difficult to remove.

Iron water increases the growth of microorganisms and leads to corrosion of faucets and metal parts of appliances: kettles, washing machines, multicookers. In addition, the use of such water can lead to disorders of the stomach, general well-being, hair fade, yellowing of the skin and teeth.

To find out if your water has an elevated concentration of iron, conduct a simple test:

  • Draw water into any container and let it stand for several hours.
  • If your water has a higher concentration of iron, you will see a red color sediment, the water will turn yellowish and have a metallic taste.
  • To purify such water, you need a filter for ferrous water.

Methods of water deferrization

In most cases, water contains dissolved iron, which forms a precipitate when oxidized. This sludge is easily removed. This is how most systems aimed at de-ironing water work.

Settling is the simplest method of removing excess iron as well as rust. Water is simply drawn into a container and left to stand. After oxidation, the iron precipitates out. Standing is not a very reliable, inconvenient and time consuming method.

Aeration involves saturation of water with oxygen, reacting with dissolved iron, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide. The iron then settles as flakes and the gas is aired out. The remaining sediment is removed with an ion-exchange or filler filter.

A bag filter is a plastic housing with special filler, which oxidizes the iron to form a precipitate. This sediment is retained in the filter.

The ion-exchange filter not only cleans the water from iron, but also softens the water. Water passes through the ion-exchange resin, iron, magnesium, calcium ions are replaced by sodium ions, water becomes softer and cleansed of excess iron and manganese. Thus, the water is purified in a complex way.

Water may also contain an undissolved form of iron, also called colloidal iron. The undissolved iron particles are so small that they cannot be removed mechanically and do not form a sediment. To remove such iron from the water, ion-exchange technology is used in conjunction with mechanical filtration.

How to choose a water treatment filter

In order to choose a water purification filter for your home, you need to perform a laboratory analysis of the well water. In addition, it is also important to consider the depth of the well, the number of occupants and the amount of water consumption.

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