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What is water analysis for?

Today, the condition of wastewater treatment equipment in cities leaves much to be desired. Many systems require reconstruction and modernization, as they are outdated and inefficient. All of this negatively affects the quality of water supplied to consumers through the water supply system.

Water softener for washing machine

Mainline filtration devices for technical softening used in everyday life are often purchased by households to protect certain household appliances that constantly use water from the tap from scale deposits on the walls, all kinds of precipitation and contamination. This type of filter usually includes water softening units for washing machines, water heating boilers, dishwashers, …

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Water softening at home

Many of us ask the question, whether it is necessary to defend the tap water and how much this method helps to purify water. If we take cold artesian water from lime beds as an example, it is very hard and contains a lot of calcium. In the process of settling at room temperature, the …

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Умягчение жесткой воды из скважины.

Well water deferrization

Home water treatment should include deferrization if the concentration of iron exceeds the standard 0.3 mg/l. Deferrization of water Well and well water is often full of iron. It is not safe for your health and can promote blood diseases and cause allergic reactions. Laundry washed in water with a high concentration of iron stains, …

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Как выбрать обратноосмотическую мембрану?

How to choose a reverse osmosis membrane?

Reverse osmosis is a process in which water (solvent) passes under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane, becoming less concentrated and losing dissolved substances in itself. The reverse osmosis process has been in use since the 1970s. Originally it was used for seawater desalination, but today it is used for various purposes: preparation of feed water …

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Почему вода жесткая?

Why is the water hard?

Hard water is water with a high content of dissolved minerals, namely calcium and magnesium (although iron, aluminum, and manganese can also be found in certain areas). The chemical nature of hard water is due to the content of cations with a +2 charge, especially Ca 2+ and Mg 2+. These ions are not a …

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Purification of water from iron

Iron in water can exist in different states, namely : Divalent iron – this can be any compounds involving iron in divalent form. For example, in open sources it can be humic acid iron compounds, organic-mineral complexes, iron sulfate FeSO4, iron sulfide FeS, suspensions of iron hydroxide Fe(OH)2. In underground springs, iron bicarbonate Fe(HCO3)2. Trivalent …

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Как работает обратный осмос?

How does reverse osmosis work?

The reverse osmosis water purification system is a complex of filters and membranes. Passing through the system, the water gradually gets rid of organic and mechanical impurities, chemical compounds. Reverse osmosis without boiling frees water from pathogenic microflora, lime sediment, flavors and odors. The output is drinking water that is comparable to distilled water. What …

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