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Softening units for water treatment

AQUARUM S-type softeners are softeners consisting of a separate salt tank and a cylinder with a load. The capacity of these units can be of any size. Capacity depends on the volume of ion exchange resin (cationic exchange resin), the volume of the cylinder and the capacity of the control valve. Used in any area where you need to control the hardness of water, ranging from homes to large industrial facilities. AQUARUM S softeners are intermittent units, i.e. with a break for regeneration. Clack control valves are used, as well as there are modifications with Canature or RX valves. We use Dowx HCR-S, Purolite C-100 ion exchange resins.

  • The bypass option for raw water mixing is possible.
  • Option with control signal output to external solenoid valve possible.

AQUARUM S Duplex softening units which can be operated in two modes:

  1. Parallel mode;
  2. Stand-by mode.

They are a system of two separate fully assembled filters with separate automatic controllers for each column, but hydraulically and electronically connected to each other.

When operating in parallel mode the capacity of the entire softening system is increased by a factor of 2. When one goes into regeneration at the end of the filter cycle, the other continues to operate. After regeneration, the first filter continues to operate and the second filter goes out for regeneration. In this way, the system ensures that both filters do not go into regeneration at the same time.

In the second mode, the same principle as in the Twin system is used - one column is working, the other is waiting

AQUARUM S M softening units are commercial type softening units consisting of a cylinder with charge, salt tank and manual control valve.

Mechanical manual valve is very simple in construction and therefore reliable in terms of dust and moisture resistance.

Operator (person) supervises the correct operation of the unit and setting in regeneration mode, who himself determines the time of switching on the desired operation mode of the softener.

Such installations are often used for feeding boilers, as well as in other non-automated technological processes, where water supply is not constant. Installations are also used in places with high dust content and humidity (where water flow rate will not exceed 5 m3/h).

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