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Hydranautics membranes

Company "AQUARUM" is an official partner of TM Hydranautics in Ukraine. All membranes of this well-known brand are supplied to the company's warehouse directly from the manufacturer's warehouse and are accompanied by a quality certificate and manufacturer's warranty.

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Here you can buy Hydranautics membrane elements from the warehouse in Odessa or with delivery by New Post to any location in Ukraine.

About Hydranautics

Hydranautics was founded in 1963. Since 1970, the company has been producing equipment for water purification using reverse osmosis. Today it is one of the most experienced manufacturing companies in the field of membrane separation. It offers comprehensive solutions: reverse osmosis, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and nanofiltration of water.

From the very beginning, the company has been committed to maintaining high standards. It is engaged in research and development of technologies aimed at achieving the highest possible quality of drinking water in the world.

The company is headquartered in the United States. The network of offices covers all continents. Technical support and comprehensive service are provided almost everywhere around the clock. In 1987, the Hydranautics trademark was acquired by the Japanese corporation Nitto Denko Corporation.

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Production at our
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Own design department, production, sevrservice and warehouses in Odessa and Kiev.
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Prefabricated and individual solutions for various uses and room types.
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Experience, which allows us to select the most effective solutions for each client.
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Fast delivery and installation of any water treatment equipment, including customized solutions.

Hydranautics membranes: series, purpose, application

The manufacturer offers several series of selective permeability membranes.

  • ESPA. Reverse osmosis for brackish water. Used in food, energy and automotive industries.
  • CPA. Reverse osmosis for salty water (up to 20 g/l). Efficiency factor 99.7%. Used for desalination of ground water, potable water finish treatment.
  • LFC. Reverse osmosis for pre-treatment.
  • SWC. Reverse osmosis for water with a high concentration of salts and impurities. Used for desalting sea and ocean water.
  • ESNA. Nanofiltration for cleaning from organic inclusions, bacteria, viruses, pathogens, pesticides. They remove up to 90% of salts.
  • HydraCap. Ultrafiltration to remove bacteria, colloids, high molecular weight compounds. They are used for treatment of surface water (river, lake, sea water) and artesian water with high pollution coefficient.

Hydranautics membrane advantages

  • After flushing, they fully restore the characteristics, so they last a very long time.
  • Resistant to organic pollution and biofouling, making them ideal for urban communications.
  • Increased product durability increases the service life of products.
  • They have a high selectivity, which allows them to be used for drinking water production.
  • They are characterized by high productivity due to the 15% increased active surface area and can be used on an industrial scale.
  • The unique LD technology minimizes internal colloidal and biological clogging of the membrane. It requires much less flushing than previous generations of membranes.
  • Simple design simplifies disassembly and assembly.
  • An extensive range for a wide range of applications allows you to get clean drinking water from any source under any conditions of complexity.

If water quality is the main priority, and productivity and durability of filters are important for efficiency of purification equipment, buy Hydranautics membranes in Aquaroom - in company offices in Odessa and Kiev, or with delivery all over Ukraine!

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