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Enclosures for water purification systems

Filter housings are widely used both in domestic and industrial water treatment systems. They consist of vertical cylindrical vessels (columns) filled with special filtering material designed to capture and retain particles of various sizes that settle on it when water passes through the column.

The housing consists of two layers:

  • The outer layer is a composite cylinder, on top of which a fiberglass thread is wound for additional strength and coated with epoxy resin.
    Thanks to this construction the cylinders are designed for operation under pressure up to 10.5 bar.
  • The inner layer is made of high-pressure polyethylene and food-grade polypropylene. These materials have increased corrosion resistance.

The choice of filter media depends on the type and size of the particles to be removed and the desired water quality. These filter housings can be loaded with a variety of filter media such as:

  • Activated carbon
  • Ion exchange resin
  • Complex media
  • Sorbents
  • Quartz sand
  • Hydroanthracite, etc.

All presented filter housings have a standard connection socket to control valves.

Application Advantages:

  • Distribution System: the distribution system is used to evenly distribute incoming water over the filter media.
  • Additional gravel layer: A layer of supporting gravel is often added under the filter media to prevent clogging and ensure proper distribution of water flow.
  • Effective filtration: column filters remove suspended solids, sediment, turbidity and other types of contaminants from the water.
  • Backwashing: Over time, the filter media can become clogged with trapped particles, reducing its filtration efficiency. Periodic backwashing is required to maintain filter performance.
  • Wide range of applications: these filters are like a large construction kit, you can build a solution for any task. Whether it is water softening in an apartment or complex water treatment for a boiler room.

The filter housing is a universal and effective component of the water purification system, providing reliable use. The design and size of column type filters depend on factors such as flow rate, particle characteristics and specific application requirements.

Key features:

  • tank wall thickness from 3.8 mm to 7 mm (depending on diameter)
  • housings are made of high quality composite materials using thread winding technology.
  • Manufacturing material: thermoplastic polyester, pressure polyethylene.

All models with upper threaded hole. Tanks starting at 18" diameter are available with top and bottom threaded opening

Why does water need to be purified?
Untreated water is not safe for health

Untreated tap water contains mechanical impurities, metals, bacteria, pesticides, chemicals in varying amounts that accumulate in the body and can cause various diseases.

Eliminate unpleasant taste and odor

Water treatment helps get rid of the unpleasant taste and odor that appear as a result of an increase in the concentration of inorganic and organic substances in the composition of such water.

Extending the service life of household appliances

Lithuanian water leads to the accumulation of scale on the heating surfaces of electrical appliances, consequently reducing their thermal conductivity. This accelerates appliance failure and increases energy costs.

Clean water ensures a healthy life

It is known that the consumption of clean water is extremely important for maintaining health. That is why purified water is necessary for a person to protect himself from many diseases and to continue an active life without doctors and pills.

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