Why do I need chemical and organic water analysis? Aquarum

What is water analysis for?

Для чего нужен анализ воды?

Today, the condition of wastewater treatment equipment in cities leaves much to be desired. Many systems require reconstruction and modernization, as they are outdated and inefficient. All of this negatively affects the quality of water supplied to consumers through the water supply system.

Insufficiently treated water can contain many impurities. These include mineral trace elements such as hardness salts, heavy metals, and even radioactive isotopes. All these additives have a negative impact on human health.

In addition, insufficiently purified water can often contain a variety of bacteria and other microorganisms. They can serve as pathogens of dangerous diseases. To identify them, a comprehensive water analysis is required.

Для чего нужен анализ воды?Today, many laboratories provide this service. There are two types of analysis: chemical and organic. In addition to their purpose, they differ in the way water samples are taken. Different types of analysis have different requirements that must be strictly followed in order to obtain a perfectly accurate result.

As for the samples that are taken for analysis, you can take them yourself, or you can entrust them to a specialist from the laboratory where you are going to analyze the water. In general, such a study is necessary for the correct selection of a filtration system. Today, there is a wide range of such equipment, so a competent and rational approach to selection is extremely important.