Maintenance of industrial reverse osmosis in Ukraine

Maintenance of industrial reverse osmosis in Ukraine

The reverse osmosis unit requires regular maintenance to maintain system reliability and water purification quality.

Reverse osmosis in industry

For industrial plants, where the operation and condition of the equipment depend on the water quality, the reverse osmosis unit is the optimal solution.

Reverse osmosis works by slowly passing water through a semi-permeable membrane by means of a high-pressure pump.

Reverse osmosis purifies water at a molecular level. Industrial companies choose this purification method because of its efficiency, system reliability, cost-effectiveness and lack of stringent requirements for raw water.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis Maintenance

To ensure that the quality of filtration does not diminish over time, regular industrial reverse osmosis maintenance is required, which includes periodic cartridge replacement and membrane flushing.

The timing of cartridge replacement is determined by the quality of the source water and the intensity of the load on the system.

The need to replace the reverse osmosis membrane is determined by a specialist after assessing the quality of the treatment. To this end, a water analysis is performed.

Industrial membrane flushing is a laborious and time-consuming process. To perform chemical cleaning, the specialist dismantles the membrane for further treatment on a special stand. Acid and alkaline washing of industrial reverse osmosis membranes is used, taking into account the condition of the membrane and the degree of its contamination. The membrane is then put back in place. In some cases, membrane regeneration can be done on-site.

An acidic membrane flushing solution is used to remove deposits of aluminum, iron compounds, manganese, and carbonates.

Alkaline solution is used to remove organic and sludge deposits from the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane, which accumulate during operation of the system.

The cleaning solutions must be chosen individually and used in a certain sequence. The choice of solutions depends on the membrane itself, as well as the quality of the source water and the nature of the contamination.

The need to replace the cartridges or flush the membrane may be indicated by a decrease in the performance of the reverse osmosis system, as well as the appearance of taste and odor in the filtered water.

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