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TerraMIX PREMIUM Filter loading

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TerraMIX PREMIUM is an aluminosilicate adsorbent designed for the easy removal of iron, manganese and oil products from water. It consists of 70% AC sorbent and 30% MS sorbent.

Technical characteristics:
Density 690-720kg/m3
Particles 0.315-0.7mm; 0.7-1.4mm
Packaging 25l/17, 25kg

How it works:

TerraMIX Premium works as a catalyst, it accelerates the oxidation reaction of ferrous iron and manganese with oxygen dissolved in water. The oxidized iron is deposited in the filter bed and then flushed into the sewer by loosening (backwashing) the bed. The loading does not require the use of chemical reagents for regeneration, periodic flushing with water is necessary.

A natural method of filtration to remove from:

  • Iron (Fe, II, III)
  • Manganese (Mn)
  • Petroleum products.


  • Minimal pressure loss compared to most replaceable filters;
  • Low transportation weight;
  • Affordable price;
  • Smaller storage area;
  • Provides better filtration in the tank when replacing sand with a sorbent up to 100%;
  • The filter is used to remove iron, suspended particles of trivalent colloidal iron, as well as the oxidation of ferrous iron into trivalent form with subsequent removal


Фізичний стан гранули
Висота шару 400 – 100 см
Швидкість потоку, м/год 19-21