Фільтрувальний матеріал Filter-Ag Plus 28,3 л - купити в Aquarum

Filter material Filter AG Plus

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Filter-Ag Plus is a filter material made of clinoptilolite ore (a product of volcanogenic-sedimentary origin). Filter-Ag Plus granules have an angular shape and rough surface pierced with conical micropores less than 3 microns in size, so the filtering area of this material is 1000 times greater than that of quartz sand. Filter-Ag Plus effectively removes suspended particles of rust, silt and organic matter larger than 5 microns from water. Filter-Ag Plus-based filters have low pressure loss, high speed in operating mode and low speed in backwash mode, have a long filter cycle, are characterized by a high degree of extraction of contaminants.

Physical properties

Parameter Value
Color yellow-brown, almost white
Density 0.8 g/cm3
Size 0.6 – 1.4 mm
Homogeneity coefficient 1,8
Hardness 4-5 (on the Maos scale)

Conditions of use

Parameter Value
Filter layer height 60-90 cm (24-36 inches)
Layer expansion when flushing 30-40%
Water flow rate in operation mode 30-50 m3/hour and higher
Water flow rate in backwash mode 35-50 m3/hour
Maximum water temperature 60оС

Advantages of using Filter Ag Plus

– Effective removal of suspended particles of rust, silt and organic matter over 5 microns in size.

– Large filtering area (1000 times larger than that of quartz sand).

– Long filter cycle.

– Light weight of the material reduces water consumption during backwashing.

– Low pressure loss of Filter Ag Plus compared to other filter media.

Filter-Ag Plus can be used to replace multi-media filter media loading.

Filter-Ag Plus has a wide range of applications: from portable drinking water treatment systems to industrial wastewater treatment plants, from water treatment systems for cooling towers to swimming pools.

Filter-Ag Plus reduces equipment costs and footprint due to high flow rates in operation. The material has a long filter cycle time, which reduces operating costs and water consumption for backwashing. Requires thorough backwashing prior to operation.