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Розрахунок на офіційний рахунок банківським переказом або при отриманні товару замовленого післяплатою.

Granular filter media is used to remove iron and/or manganese compounds from water.

Birm is an effective and economical way to remove soluble iron and manganese compounds. Birm filter media can be used in both pressurized and non-pressurized water supply systems.

Clack Birm has the following advantages:

  • No regeneration of the filter media is required;
  • High efficiency in removing iron impurities;
  • Low operating costs;
  • Long service life;
  • Wide temperature range of treated water;
  • The light weight of the material reduces backwashing water consumption.

When using Birm for deferrization, the treated water must be free of petroleum products and hydrogen sulfide, the content of organic substances must not exceed 4-5 mg/l, the content of dissolved oxygen must be at least 15% of iron content, and pH value ≤ 6.8. Chlorination of initial water significantly reduces the activity of Birm.



Color Black
Bulk density 0.56-0.64 kg/dm3
True density 2.0 kg/dm3
Effective grain size 0.48 mm
Homogeneity coefficient 2,7
Particle size, (US Mesh) 10х40
Particle size 2.0×0.43 mm

Operating conditions

Temperature of treated water, max 38 ˚С
Treated water pH range 6,8-9,0
Layer height 760-915 mm
Free space in the filter 50% of the layer height
Linear filtration speed 8.5-12.0 m/hour
Linear velocity during blasting 20-30 m/hour
Expansion of the layer in the course of backwashing 20-40 % of the filter media layer height