Aqua Multi sorbent for complex cleaning - Aquarum

Aqua Multi sorbent for complex cleaning

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AquaMulti sorbent – filter material for removing iron, hardness, manganese, ammonia
No harmful substances are released into the water during the backfill process. Regeneration also does not require additional chemicals – it is carried out by backwashing with plain water.

Aqua Multi filter media is a multifunctional filter media consisting of five high quality ingredients (ionics and adsorbents).

The main advantages of AquaMulti:
– removes hardness salts, iron, manganese, organic compounds, ammonia;
– performance: does not depend on the pH level, organic matter content or the presence of hydrogen sulfide in the water;
– only the total hardness is required to select the unit;
– low operating costs of salt and water during regeneration;

The price is per 1 kg

Коефіцієнт однорідності 1,4 – 1,6
Висота шару 500 – 800 мм
Насипна щільність 0,8 кг/л
Питома вага 3,6 г/см3