Pure Resin PMB 101-2 Resin for water demineralization - Aquarum

Pure Resin PMB 101-2 Resin for water demineralization

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Mixed-action resin PURE RESIN PMB 101- 2 is a high-quality demineralization filter backfill Pure Resin PMB101-2, for the removal of mineral salts from water. Water demineralization is an important stage of water treatment for industrial purposes.

Pure Resin PMB101-2 resins provide high demineralization efficiency in processes such as condensate treatment, deep cleaning of wash water in semiconductor manufacturing, treatment of liquid waste from nuclear power plants, as well as in many other areas where water quality requirements are tightened. The combination of cationic and anionic resins in one device allows for a high degree of purification: almost all ions in solution are extracted from the water in one pass.

This type of resin (cations – 40%, anions – 60%) is characterized by increased dirt content. This increases the filter cycle, which is a direct saving of flushing water and tableted salt for regeneration, including …

  • Type – cationic and anionic
  • Matrix – styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer, gel
  • Functional groups – sulfonic acid
  • Packaging is 25 liters.

The price is per 1 kg of resin

Термін роботи фільтруючого матеріалу, років 5-7
Розмір гранул 0,3 – 1,2 мм
Діапазон рН 0-14
Вологоємність, % 52-56
Іонна форма H+/OH*
Робоча температура, оС до 100
Аніони 60
Катіони 40