Pure Resin PA202 Resin for nitrate removal - Aquarum

Pure Resin PA202 Resin for nitrate removal

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Nitrate Removal Resin PURE RESIN PA202 is used to remove nitrates from drinking water.

It is known that the maximum content of nitrates in water from wells, wells located near agricultural land. They can also be found in municipal water, where they come from industrial wastewater, damaged sewage, and pipelines with drinking water. Nitrate ions can cause significant harm to the body by causing oxygen deprivation. In addition, water saturated with nitrate ions causes pipe corrosion.

To avoid these phenomena and prevent harm to health, PURE RESIN PA202 ion exchange resin, which is a strong anionic resin, is used for water purification. It removes nitrates from water even at high sulfate concentrations.

It is supplied in a wet state in chloride form. It is packaged in 25-liter bags.

The price is per 1 kg of resin

Термін роботи фільтруючого матеріалу, років 5-7
Розмір гранул 0,3 – 1,2 мм
Вологоємність, % 52-56
Діапазон рН 0-14
Іонна форма Cl-
Робоча температура, оС до 100
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