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Antiscalant Vitec 3000

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In the company “Akvarum” you can buy Vitec 3000 antiscalant in the offices in Odessa, Kiev or with delivery in Ukraine. Standard packaging – 20 kg canister, shipment from 1 kg. Price 429 UAH/kg.

Water treatment with reverse osmosis is the best solution for industrial needs. The use of reverse osmosis membranes involves two basic problems: water pretreatment and membrane regeneration. These problems can be solved by treating the raw water as well as the membrane elements with special chemical reagents.

The pretreatment step for reverse osmosis membranes includes the use of an antiscalant which allows the operation of the membranes without any damage even at high water hardness.

Anti-scalants or sludge inhibitors are used to prevent the accumulation of poorly soluble substances on the membranes. The Vitec 3000 Antiscalant is one of the most economical and versatile solutions for prolonging the working life of reverse osmosis membranes.


The antiscalant for reverse osmosis is a special chemical that is capable of preventing the formation of deposits. Deposits form on the membrane surface from substances which are insoluble or slightly soluble in water, e.g. hardness salts, metals and their oxides.

The characteristics of the precipitate depend on the chemical composition of the water, the ionic content and the pH value. An antiscalant should be chosen based on laboratory tests of the water composition. Modern reagents can protect the membrane from sediments of all kinds.


Sediment inhibitors are introduced through the piping of the water fed to the osmosis. Getting into the osmosis together with the water, the antiscalants create a film on the membrane surface, which has pronounced antiadhesion properties. Contaminants and sediments, colliding with this film, slide under the action of water flow, which prevents them from being retained on the surface of reverse osmosis membranes.

Thus the antiscalant makes it possible to use the reverse osmosis system without chemical cleaning for a longer period of time.
As an alternative to the use of antiscalants, it is possible to consider supplying pre-softened water to the osmosis. Softened water will also prevent sediment accumulation on the membranes, but this method is rarely used due to its high cost.

The use of sediment inhibitors is a more versatile and cost effective method to reduce operating costs. Antiscalant is consumed in small quantities, usually about 5 grams of reagent per cubic meter of water.


Vitec 3000 is a liquid antiscalant which prevents occurrence on the surface of reverse osmosis membranes of sediments of low-soluble organic compounds such as CaCO3, BaSO4, CaSO4, SrSO4, CaF2.

The producer of Vitek 3000 antiscalant is the British company Avista Technologies, one of the leaders in production of chemical reagents for reverse osmosis membranes.

Vitek 3000 Antiscalant is NSF certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 60 and can be used in drinking water production. This reagent is designed for systems with thin film and acetate cellulose membranes.

The standard dosage of this antiscalant is considered to be 2-5 mg/l. In individual cases the dosage may vary. Vitec 3000 is recommended to be dosed before the cartridge filters in order to increase efficiency.

Vitec 3000 should be diluted with demineralized water or permeate. If such water is not available, softened water can be used. The dilution of the antiscalant should not exceed 10%. Observance of the above mentioned measures allows maintaining bacteriostatic action and prevents reproduction of microorganisms.


Vitek 3000 antiscalant has a number of advantages:

Inhibition of carbonate and sulfate deposits;
Reduction of system contamination due to its effect on inorganic crystal formation;
Efficiency when used in the treatment of water of different degrees of contamination;
Effective over a wide pH range;
Compatibility with all types of reverse osmosis membranes;
Compatibility with polyelectrolytes;
Minimization of operating costs due to low reagent consumption for efficient scale prevention.

The chemical composition of Vitek 3000 antiscalant is a multi-component mixture of high molecular weight organic acids. The antiscalant is non-toxic and absolutely safe also for drinking water production as it does not pass through the reverse osmosis membrane and does not get into the permeate.


Price of antiscalant Vitec 3000 in the company “Aquarum” is 364 UAH/kg. You can buy the antiscalant in our office in Odessa in the volume from 1 kg, and also buy in Kiev. In addition, we offer delivery all over Ukraine.
To find out the price for your desired volume of Vitec 3000 antiscalant, fill out a form or call us by phone.