OSM 605 Acid washing concentrate (based on inorganic acids)

OSM 605 Acid washing concentrate (based on inorganic acids)


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OSM 605 Acid Flushing Concentrate is used in the maintenance of commercial and industrial reverse osmosis systems, namely for the chemical cleaning of membranes from iron and carbonate deposits.

The components of the liquid reagent OSM 605 soften iron and carbonate deposits, turning them into a fine suspension that is washed out of the membrane during the chemical flushing process. For high-quality washing, a solution is prepared in a separate plastic container with reverse osmosis-purified water and OSM 605 acid reagent. pH of the solution during washing should be at the level of 1.5-2.5

Depending on the intensity of membrane contamination, the solution circulation process is carried out from two to twenty-four hours. The temperature of the solution during rinsing should not exceed 40°C.

Characteristics of OSM 605

Form of delivery – transparent colorless liquid Solubility in water – full pH – 1 Density 1.05 – 1.2 kg/l

Price per 1 kg of reagent