Wave Cyber 300E-8-H-5-WH housing for membranes 8″ 300 psi - Aquarum

Wave Cyber 300E-8-H-5-WH housing for membranes 8″ 300 psi

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The housing for Wave Cyber 300E-8-H-5-WH membrane elements is made of high-quality fiberglass (FRP) using filament winding technology.

For membranes 8″ – 301 psi End Port, with end connection of source water and concentrate.

Operating temperature – from -7°C to + 49°C.

The pH range is 3 – 10 under normal operating conditions and 2 – 12 if the housing is periodically cleaned from the inside with special cleaning reagents.

Wave Cyber fiberglass membrane holders are used for continuous, long-term use as a housing for reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes. Pressure housings for membrane elements are designed for use in membrane filtration systems for liquids, they accommodate roll-type membrane elements.

Models are available for pressures up to 300 PSI. Wave Cyber housings can accommodate roll membrane elements with a nominal diameter of 8 inches. A wide range of connections and housing lengths are available, making it possible to match the housing to virtually any plant design. The FRP design features a hollow cylindrical plastic housing reinforced with an epoxy-impregnated branch stack.

Призначення Корпус для мебрани зворотнього осмосу
Матеріал Скловолокно
Діаметр, " 8"
Довжина, мм 1085
Діаметр камери, мм 206
Робоча температура, оС 2-45
Вхідні отвори, " DN 40
Вихідні отвори, " 1"
Країна виробник Китай
Гарантія 12 місяців