Runxin F116A3 control valve with bypass - Aquarum

Runxin F116A3 control valve with bypass

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На всю продукцію поширюється гарантія від виробника.


Розрахунок на офіційний рахунок банківським переказом або при отриманні товару замовленого післяплатою.

Automatic control valve Runxin F116A3 (similar to Clack WS1CI) softener control unit – designed to control water flows in backfill filters with regeneration by volume. The front panel of the control unit is equipped with a color liquid crystal display that displays the parameters of the system and four buttons for controlling the work.

The control unit is resistant to wear and corrosion, has reliable protection in the form of automatic key locking: if the panel is not used for more than a minute, it is automatically locked.

Regeneration occurs from the bottom up. You can also set the maximum interval between regenerations. If the volume of water is not produced, and the specified time between regenerations has passed (0-40 days), the filter is still washed.

RUNXIN control valves guarantee the efficient operation of the automatic water purification and water treatment system both at the factory and at home. Stability, quality and efficiency of work during the entire period of operation is ensured thanks to the use of modern technologies and high-quality materials in the manufacturing process of this type of components.

Призначення Клапан керування
Виробник RUNXIN
Продуктивність, м³/год 4,5
Робоча температура, оС 5-45
Робочий тиск, бар 1-6
Під'єднання сольової лінії 3/8"
Вхід/вихід 1"
Дренаж 1/2"
Основа 2.5"-8NPSM
Гарантія 12 місяців