Tableted salt - Aquarum

Tableted salt

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На всю продукцію поширюється гарантія від виробника.


Розрахунок на офіційний рахунок банківським переказом або при отриманні товару замовленого післяплатою.

Tableted salt is an essential ingredient that no water purification filter can do without. Its function is to regenerate ion exchange resins in water softening plants in the food, pharmaceutical, and energy industries.

The advantages of using tableted salt are lower consumption compared to ordinary table salt due to the larger surface area, uniform dissolution in water, which helps to avoid additional energy consumption for mixing, and the absence of insoluble sediment in the salt tank.

Appearance – odorless white tablets consisting of compressed table salt without iodine and potassium ferrocyanide additives. The product is non-toxic and absolutely safe.

Tableted salt is packaged in 25 kg bags.

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