Reverse osmosis filter Aquarum Simple RO-6P with pump - Aquarum

Reverse osmosis filter Aquarum Simple RO-6P with pump

237 $

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На всю продукцію поширюється гарантія від виробника.


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Aquarum Simple RO-6P – water purification system based on reverse osmosis is designed for water purification in the home for its further use for drinking, cooking and other purposes. It is a system that removes up to 99.9% of all impurities contained in water and prevents the formation of scale in heating devices. Filtration is accomplished by passing water under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane that allows only water and oxygen molecules to pass through.

Degrees of purification:

  • The first stage is the AR-SL10-PP5 polypropylene cartridge for cold water 10″ SLIM 5 micron mechanical cleaning cartridge, which removes small debris, sand, rust from the water.
  • The second stage is the AR-SL10-GAC granular cartridge for cold water, for removing chlorine from water, as well as organic compounds and pesticides.
  • The third stage is the AR-SL10-CTO briquette cartridge for cold water. Pump to increase the pressure in the module
  • Fourth stage – 75 gallon/day membrane
  • Fifth stage – Post-filter, which improves the taste and odor of water after the tank.
  • The sixth stage – Mineralizato, is a longitudinal flow post-filter, which is installed after the storage tank before a separate tap for purified drinking water. The main filter material used is coconut activated carbon in granules. It completely removes any residual impurities that may have entered the water after the reverse osmosis membrane has been purified. In addition, it eliminates a possible unpleasant taste of water, which can form, for example, in the event of stagnant water in the tank if it has not been used for a long time.


Capacity at a water pressure of 280 l/day.
Operating water pressure 2.8 – 8.4 atm.
Operating temperature from +4° to +40°C.
Connection size ½”
Plastic tank 3.2 gallon

Тип фільтрації Зворотний осмос
Розміщення Під мийкою
Продуктивність, л/добу 280
Температура води, °С +4° до +40° С
Кількість етапів очищення 6
Робочий тиск, бар 2,5-6,0
Вага, кг 6
Накопичувальний бак 11 л
Наявність мінералізатора Так
Наявність насоса (помпи) Так
Тип колб Універсальний
Стиль крана Класичний – подвійний
Матеріал бака Пластик
Ресурс картриджів, місяців 3-4
Продуктивність, л/год 8
Розмір 350 х 450 х 150 мм
Країна виробник Україна
Гарантія 12 місяців