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На всю продукцію поширюється гарантія від виробника.


Розрахунок на офіційний рахунок банківським переказом або при отриманні товару замовленого післяплатою.


OSM 610 is a liquid universal anti-scalant. Excellent in controlling and preventing the formation of scales and deposits on membrane elements. It is designed for hard water membrane systems. Suitable for all types of membranes. All components of the antiscalant can be used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The product is suitable for membrane systems producing potable quality water.


OSM 610 Antiscalant is a unique scale inhibitor, increases the solubility of such pipe soluble salts as carbonates, sulfates (CaSO4, BaSO4, SrSO4), fluorides CaF2, iron and silicates. These salts in the form of solid deposits block the membranes and prevent filtration. This results in increased pressure drop and reduced plant performance and can cause deformation and rupture of the membrane elements. OSM 610 is effective for medium to high hardness waters.

The action of OSM 610 is based on a threshold inhibition mechanism, modifying the surface of inorganic salt crystals, which stops crystal growth and destroys their structure. Dispergation properties are manifested by a change in the charge of the particles and reduction of their ability to agglomeration (sticking). Thus a fine emulsion is formed.


Liquid product, easy to use
High efficiency at low dosages
Successful substitute for softening technology
Protection of all types of membrane elements
Suitable for drinking water quality plants
Optimization of the frequency of chemical purging
Effective dispersion of iron compounds
Environmentally friendly product


The dosage of the antiscalant depends on the quality of the raw water and the performance of the reverse osmosis plant. Typical dosage of OSM 610 is 2,0 – 6,0 mg/liter of feed water. The antiscalant must be dosed continuously and proportionally upstream of the cartridge filters and the high pressure pump. Diluting the antiscalant increases dosing accuracy and distribution, resulting in maximum efficiency. Product may be diluted with permiate (recommended dilution 5-10%).

Compatible with many chemicals used for reverse osmosis systems. Recommendations for optimizing the dosing regimen are made by our technical experts.


Appearance – Colorless liquid
Active components – Phosphonic acids (>25%)
Density (20 C), g/cm3 – 1,2+-0,05
pH (20 С) – < 1,5
Freezing point, -5 °C


Suitable protective clothing and safety goggles should be worn when handling the product OSM 610. Store in a dry, cool and well-ventilated room, in a tightly closed container, away from heat sources, avoid direct sunlight. Shelf life maximum one year from date of manufacture.

For professional use only. Handling according to the Safety Data Sheet.

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