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OSM 600 Disinfectant


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OSM 600 Antioxidant and preservative for membrane systems Used to bind free chlorine and as a preservation and disinfection agent for membranes


OSM 600 is a liquid-concentrated product used to bind free chlorine and to preserve and disinfect membranes. It is used for all types of membranes. All components are approved for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The product is suitable for membrane systems producing drinking water.


OSM 600 is recommended for use at the pretreatment stage to bind free chlorine and other oxidizing agents that can permanently damage polyamide or composite membrane elements. It quickly binds oxidizing agents, preventing their destructive effect. Microbiology growth during downtime or during long interruptions of operation, more than 48 hours, can lead to biochemical effects and damage to the membrane structure. This will lead to membrane failure and require replacement of membrane elements. OSM 600 will ensure the reliable preservation of membranes during downtime and transportation of reverse osmosis plants. It disinfects and sterilizes the surface of all types of membranes, prevents the appearance of unpleasant odor or taste of the filtrate.


– Liquid product, easy to use
– Protection of all types of membrane elements
– Extends the service life of membranes and reduces operating costs
– Can be used in plants producing drinking water
– Reliable and stable preservative
– Environmentally safe product


OSM 600 is a concentrated product for binding free chlorine, constantly dosed at the plant inlet at a dose of 2-7 mg/l (depending on the amount of free chlorine). Preservation: OSM 600 concentrate is diluted with permeate 1 to 30. Filling is carried out using a special chemically resistant container, circulation pump and shut-off valves. When preserving for long-term storage, it is necessary to check the pH and transparency of the solution every month. A clean and transparent solution with a pH of at least 3.0 is an indicator of proper preservation. It is recommended to change the solution once every 6 months as a preventive measure. Compatible with many chemicals used for reverse osmosis systems. Recommendations for optimizing the regime are made by our technical specialists.


Appearance Colorless liquid Density (20 °C), g/cm3 1.25 ± 0.05 pH (20 °C) 3.0 ÷ 5.0 Freezing point, °C – 5 PACKAGING Packaging form Canisters, 20 l Weight, kg 25 ± 2%


Wear appropriate protective clothing and goggles when handling OSM 600. Store in a dry, well-ventilated place at a temperature between + 2 and + 35 °C. Shelf life: one year from the date of production. For professional use only. Handle the product according to the Safety Data Sheet.

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