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OSM 100 corrosion inhibitor


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OSM 100 is a liquid alkaline corrosion inhibitor. It is intended for the corrective treatment of steam boilers where demineralized or reverse osmosis water is used as feed water, as well as in the case of a high percentage of condensate return (over 90%). Corrects the pH and alkalinity of feed and boiler water. Maximum boiler water temperature +300 dC, maximum pressure 60 atm. It can be used to neutralize acidic wastewater, maintain the required pH level in recirculating cooling and heating systems.


OSM 100 _ is a corrosion inhibitor based on a sodium hydroxide solution, ready to use. The product has the property of neutralizing carbon dioxide, increasing pH and alkalinity to the limits that cause the least corrosion. It minimizes corrosion processes and helps to create a uniform magnetite protective film on the metal surface.


Liquid product, easy to use – High efficiency at low dosages – Effective alkalinity and pH control – Neutralization of acidic wastewater – All inhibitor components can be used as additives to boilers in the food and pharmaceutical industries


The dosage of the inhibitor depends on the quality of the feed water, the operating characteristics of the steam boiler, the required pH level, and alkalinity. OSM 100 is a ready-to-use product, dosed in concentrated form using a dosing pump. The recommended place of injection of the reagent _ after the installation of reverse osmosis or in the lower part of the feed tank or deaerator. If necessary, the product can be diluted with additional or feed water up to 5 _ 10%. Dosage control is ensured by maintaining the required pH and alkalinity in the boiler water. Other parameters are controlled in accordance with the requirements of the operating mode card. OSM 100 is compatible with many chemicals used for industrial water treatment. Consultation on optimization of the dosing regime is provided by our technical specialists.

SPECIFICATIONS Appearance Colorless liquid Density (20 dC), g/cm3 1.1 plusmn; 0.05 pH (20 dC) 13.0 Freezing point, dc – 8


Packing form – canisters, 20 l Weight, kg 22 plusmn;2%.


When handling OSM 100, wear appropriate protective clothing and goggles. Store in a dry, well-ventilated place at a temperature between +2 and +35 dC. Shelf life – two years from the date of production. For professional use only. Handle the product in accordance with the Safety Data Sheet. price per canister, packaging of 5 and 20 liters.