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GAC PLUS catalytic activated carbon

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GAC PLUS is a granular activated carbon used to purify water from hydrogen sulfide, heavy metal impurities (iron), oil particles, remove the odor and taste of filtered water, and make the water clear.

It is used to remove high concentrations of iron (up to 5 mg/liter) and hydrogen sulfide (up to 4 mg/liter).

It is made from fine particles by agglomeration from bituminized coal. These give it a high mud capacity. It has high activity and a large adsorption capacity for organic impurities. It perfectly removes hydrogen sulfide and iron from water with little aeration.

Each batch of GAC PLUS activated carbon is tested and accepted by the quality department in accordance with the requirements of the international quality control system ISO 9002.

It is an analog of Centaur HSL carbon, but at the same time has improved characteristics in terms of linear filtration rate.

Applications of catalytic activated carbon for iron and hydrogen sulfide removal:

  • drinking water purification
  • water purification from chloramines and hydrogen sulfide
  • industrial wastewater treatment
  • water purification from petroleum products, oils and fats
  • purification of liquids
  • purification of steam condensate


  • Surface area 1000 m2g
  • CTC adsorption: 50-60% st
  • Iodine index: 1000-1100 MGG
  • Hardness: 90-95%
  • Bulk density: 0.4 gsm3
  • Linear speed: 6 mph
  • Min. oxygen concentration for hydrogen sulfide removal: 4 mgl