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Cartridge mechanical filter Aquarum ARBB10K

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The Aquarum ARBB10K cartridge mechanical filter purifies water from fine mechanical impurities.

Aquarum ARBB10K filters are used for water purification, both for domestic and industrial purposes. A replaceable element (cartridge) is used as a filter material, which is placed in a durable plastic housing (flask).

A special feature of the filters is the ability to filter certain types of water contaminants with the help of a corresponding cartridge. Each cartridge has a certain service life, after which it must be replaced. The cartridge life depends on the degree of water contamination. Filters for water purification Aquarum ARBB20K, have proven themselves in the work, and are already able to provide customers with quality drinking water. The water at the outlet of the filter has excellent taste. Filters for water purification AquarumARBB10K are one of the best on the Ukrainian market in terms of price and quality.


Body made of high quality food grade plastic with increased wall thickness, two O-rings, tapered threaded connection, pressure relief valve, flask screws into the filter body.

Consumable element:

Aquarum AR-BB10-PP20 polypropylene cartridge.


Розмір,мм 190х305