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RUNXIN F67C1 automatic control valve

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На всю продукцію поширюється гарантія від виробника.


Розрахунок на офіційний рахунок банківським переказом або при отриманні товару замовленого післяплатою.

The RUNXIN F 67C1 automatic control valve is used for household and industrial water filters. The internal moving parts of the valve are made of high-strength ceramics. The valve shuts off the flow of water during regeneration.

Features of this valve:

  • two types of time reference (daily and hourly);
  • input signal to start washing remotely;
  • the possibility of setting flushing intervals;
  • operation of water filters in parallel alternative mode;
  • displaying the operating mode on the LED display;
  • the presence of the key lock function: it is activated if they are not pressed for more than one minute.

RUNXIN control valves guarantee the efficient operation of the automatic water purification and water treatment system both at the factory and at home. Stability, quality and efficiency of work during the entire period of operation is ensured thanks to the use of modern technologies and high-quality materials in the manufacturing process of this type of components.

Призначення Клапан керування
Виробник RUNXIN
Продуктивність, м³/год 6
Робоча температура, оС 5-45
Робочий тиск, бар 1-6
Водопід'ємна труба 1.05"F
Вхід/вихід 1"F
Дренаж 1"F
Основа 2.5"-8NPSM
Розмір колони 6"-14"
Гарантія 12 місяців