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Aquarum S-1354

PerformanceQnom 1.7 - Qmax 2.2 m3/hour
Filter housing12×48 inch
Salt tank capacity150 liters
Amount of resin55 liters
Exchange capacity77 g-eq.
Pressure lossdPnom 0.6 - 0.7 атм
Salt consumption per regeneration9 kg
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The Aquarum S-1354 is a modern water softener that effectively handles the problem of hard water. It is a device that has a separate tank for loading. Thanks to the effective lowering of the hardness level, the water is safer both for people and for the optimal operation of home appliances.

The average service life is about 7 years. The system can be regenerated by applying a salt solution. The softener combines the latest developments in this field. The system is as efficient and economical as possible. This is achieved due to the reduced consumption of the basic resource. In addition there is the option of urgent regeneration which minimizes the risks of consuming untreated water.

Advantages of the system

Softener is distinguished by several features that set it apart from other similar devices:

  • the presence of a special control valve (made by clack), thanks to which the processes are automated;
  • the user’s actions are reduced to only replenishment of salt supply;
  • the screen of the device displays information on the availability of service centers to repair the system.

Installation of Aquarum S-1354 softener assumes the use of soft, safe for humans water.

Performance Qnom 1.7 – Qmax 2.2 m3/hour
Pressure loss dPnom 0.6 – 0.7 атм
Amount of resin 55 liters
Exchange capacity 77 g-eq.
Salt consumption per regeneration 9 kg
Salt tank capacity 150 liters
Filter housing 12×48 inch