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PerformanceQnom 0.6 - Qmax 0.8 m3/h
Filter housing8×35 inch
Salt tank capacity100 liters
Amount of resin20 liters
Exchange capacity28 g-eq.
Pressure lossdPnom 0.2 - dPmax 0.3 atm
Salt consumption per regeneration3 kg
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Розрахунок на офіційний рахунок банківським переказом або при отриманні товару замовленого післяплатою.

Purpose: for complex treatment of domestic water with a high content of:

  • hardness salts
  • iron
  • manganese
  • ammonium
  • organic compounds.

Recommended: for small apartments or houses with one bathroom and low water consumption (residence of up to 3 people).

Filtering material: Ecomix – a unique patented filtering material – cleans the water from the five main contaminants in only 1 stage in 1 filter.

Regeneration: regeneration of the filter media is automatic, using salt compressed into tablets (tablets) and water. The salt solution is passed through the filtering material and the removed impurities are flushed down the drain.

Performance Qnom 0.6 – Qmax 0.8 m3/h
Pressure loss dPnom 0.2 – dPmax 0.3 atm
Amount of resin 20 liters
Exchange capacity 28 g-eq.
Salt consumption per regeneration 3 kg
Salt tank capacity 100 liters
Filter housing 8×35 inch