Aquarum CT-1054 RX Hydrogen sulfide removal filter - Aquarum

Aquarum CT-1054 RX Hydrogen sulfide removal filter

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Розрахунок на офіційний рахунок банківським переказом або при отриманні товару замовленого післяплатою.

The purpose of the system:
Removal of hydrogen sulfide and iron from water.

Area of application:
in small water treatment systems for an apartment or house. It is used to improve the consumer properties of water.

Estimated number of water consumers:
up to 3 people

Water treatment technology:
water purification is carried out through the catalytic oxidation of hydrogen sulfide and iron, followed by filtering of oxidized forms of pollutants in a layer of coal. The water is also purified from organic compounds, gases dissolved in water and other pollutants. Due to the presence of a large number of pores and channels, the area of contact with water increases hundreds of times, which allows for effective accumulation and retention of contaminants.

Restoration of working properties:
To restore the working properties of the system, the activated carbon is washed with water that does not contain mechanical impurities. Flushing is performed manually.

The scope of delivery:

  • control valve RX
  • housing 1054;
  • catalytic charge.

Unique features of the system:

  • several built-in regeneration programs to choose from;
  • regeneration takes place after a certain number of days at a time convenient for the user, when water discharge is minimal;
  • low operating costs;
  • compactness of the system, which allows it to be installed in a small room;
  • reliability and durability of the equipment, all components are made of high quality materials;
  • The service life of the filter material under normal operating conditions is up to 5 years;
  • the quality of the treated water meets the requirements of SanPin 2.2.4-171-10 “Hygienic requirements for drinking water intended for human consumption” and the Directive “On the quality of drinking water intended for human consumption” 98/83/EC.

The Runxin F 67C1 control valve ensures automatic flushing of the filter media in column type filters. Thanks to the electronic control, you can set the interval at which the filter media will be backwashed in the filters of iron removers, carbon filtration filters and mechanical filtration. The connection of supply water and drainage is made through a 1″ BP (female thread) connection. The valve is compatible with columns from 6″ to 14″.
The Runxin F 67C1 valve is equipped with a connector for connecting external devices, thanks to which the valve can be configured for remote control. The valve body is resistant to chemicals.

Призначення Для холодної води
Тип фильтрації Очистка від сірководню та заліза
Тип корпусу Колонний
Від чого очищує Сірководень, залізо
Робочий тиск, бар 2,0 – 6,0
Продуктивність, м³/год 0,6
Об'єм фільтруючого матеріалу, л 14
Фільтруючий елемент Бітумінозне гранульоване активоване вугілля
Тривалість регенерації, хв 15 – 30
Витрата води на 1 регенерацію, м³ 0,3
Перепад тиску в робочому режимі, бар 0,28
Висота підключень, см 55
Діаметр підключень, дюйм 1
Габаритні розміри (Ш/В/Г), мм 600×1700х1000 мм
Термін роботи фільтруючого матеріалу, років до 2