System zvorotnogo osmosu AMRO-250L- Buy in Aquarum

System zvorotnogo osmosu AMRO-250L

2,580 $

Performance250 l/hour
Working pressure2.5 -8.6 bar
Power220 V/50 Hz
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The AMRO-250 L reverse osmosis system is a technological unit designed to purify water from soluble salts (demineralization or desalination) by reverse osmosis using special semi-permeable membranes. Semi-permeable membranes are enclosed in special housings made of metal or fiberglass. The membrane in the housing is a membrane module – the main element in which the reverse osmosis process takes place. Other elements of the system are necessary for the normal functioning of the membrane module: maintaining the required pressure, regulating flows, ensuring the required start and stop process of the plant and the functioning of technological protections.

Structurally, the unit is mounted on a steel frame and has a stainless front panel with monitoring and control devices. All pipelines are made of food-grade polyvinyl chloride.

Main components of the plant:

– Cartridge type pre-filter. It is necessary to protect the pump, membrane module and shut-off and control valves from mechanical contaminants larger than 5 microns.
– Multistage high-pressure centrifugal pump. It is necessary to create the required pressure in the membrane module, which provides the reverse osmosis process.
– A set of shut-off and control valves. Necessary for the implementation:
– production mode
– hydraulic flushing mode
– parking flushing mode
– concentrate flow control
– recycle flow rate control
– connection of a chemical washing station.
– Automation system. It is necessary for:
– proper functioning of the plant operating modes.
– automatic pressure control in the module.
– protection of the pump against dry running.
– protection against high and low pressure in the module.
– protection against high pressure in the permeate line.

The automation system has an output for connecting a preliminary (booster) pump, an antiscalant dosing pump and an external alarm.

Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 280 × 80 × 140 cm
Performance 250 l/hour
Working pressure 2.5 -8.6 bar
Inlet pressure 2,5 – 6,0
Size 1700x3800x1600 mm
Number of enclosures 1
Type of membranes 4040
Number of membranes 1
Power 220 V/50 Hz

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