Aqua-Juraperle 1-2 mm Calcite Filter material - Aquarum

Aqua-Juraperle 1-2 mm Calcite Filter material

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Calcite Aqua-Juraperle 1-2 mm is a natural material used in water treatment to adjust the pH level. It is a granular granular material with a light gray color and a granule size of 0.4-1.2 mm. The composition of Aqua-Juraperle calcite is based on calcium carbonate obtained as a result of the extraction and processing of a mineral of natural origin. The manufacturer of Aqua-Juraperle calcite is EDUARD MERKLE GMBH, which produced this product in Germany.

Purpose and principle of operation of Aqua-Juraperle calcite:

Calcite Aqua-Juraperle is designed to increase the level of Ph in water. In the process of work, namely, interaction with water, Calcite granules, dissolving, neutralize the contained free carbon dioxide and turn into calcium bicarbonate, thereby increasing the Ph level by an average of 0.5 – 1 unit. Thus, when using filters with calcite filler, the level of water hardness also increases. Due to their properties, calcite filters are widely used for pretreatment of water in various iron removal and demanganization complexes.

Key features of Aqua-Juraperle calcite backfill:

  • One of the few fillers that can effectively increase the Ph level;
  • Requires periodic backwashing;
  • Widely used as a preliminary stage in complexes for deironing or manganese removal;
  • Soluble in water and requires periodic addition to the filter housing;
  • Acceptable for use for water mineralization;
  • Applicable at a Ph level of 5 to 7, as well as hardness indicators – up to 4.2 mg / l.
Розмір гранул 2-3 мм
Коефіцієнт однорідності 1,5
Діапазон рН 5 – 7
Висота шару до 75 мм
Швидкість потоку, м/год до 30