Antiscalant ROPUR RPI-3000A - buy in Aquarum, price per kg

Antiscalant ROPUR RPI-3000A

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General information:

Ropur RPI-3000A Antiscalant
Ropur RPI-3000A Anti-Scalant
RPI-3000A Antiscalant has been formulated to inhibit and prevent
sludge formation in reverse osmosis systems which utilize negatively charged polyamide, cellulose acetate and polyester membranes.
RPI-3000A is a stabilized aqueous solution/mixture of organic phosphonates and polyacrylates that have a highly effective dispersant effect.
RPI-3000A is an excellent inhibitor of calcium sulfate and calcium carbonate deposits. Another advantage of this antiscalant is its excellent stabilizing effect against barium and strontium sulfates. It also contributes to the partial stabilization of colloidal iron.
The copolymers in the antiscalant also act as
dispersing agents for organic pollutants and metal oxides.

The price for Ropur RPI-3000A antiscalant is 212 UAH per 1 kg.

To buy Ropur RPI-3000A antiscalant please call us on 093-170-70-55 or fill in the feedback form.

Application and dosage:
RPI-3000A was developed and approved as a highly effective sludge inhibitor when used with acetate cellulose and polyamide membranes. It has no effect on or interaction with the membrane material.
Dosing should be done proportionally with a standard dosing pump. Suitable materials: polyethylene, polypropylene or coated steel. Antiscalant solution storage containers should be occasionally treated with 10% (wt%) sodium metabisulfite solution to avoid biological contamination.
RPI-3000A is soluble in water in any ratio. However, it is recommended that RPI-3000A be dosed undiluted or as a solution with a concentration of up to 10%. The dosing level required depends on operating parameters and water consumption and ranges from 1 to 10 mg/l.
Antiscalant RPI-3000A is easy to handle, the solution does not contain aggressive components. The pH-value of the antiscalant solution is shifted to the acidic area.
Physical properties: Ropur RPI-3000A antiscalant
Appearance: clear, dark yellow liquid
Density: 1.14 – 1.16 g/cm3
Viscosity: ~ 50 mPa s
pH value: 4.8 – 5.3
Freezing point: – 10 ºC
Boiling point/interval temperature: 100-105 ºС
Solubility in water: unlimited

Storage and Transportation:
RPI-3000A is not a hazardous chemical (GGVE/GGVS,
ICOA/IATA). Standard precautions for
standard precautions for chemicals must be followed.
RPI-3000A is easy to handle and store. The storage temperature should lie
Storage temperature should be between +2 ºC to +35 ºC. The product is supplied in containers compatible
for air and sea transport.
For more information about storage and transport see
Safety data sheet.
Polyethylene container: 23.5 kg (net)
Standard barrel (canister): 240 kg (net)
Container: 1100 kg (net)