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Drinking water treatment solutions for your home, apartment or cottage that purify water from contaminants and toxic substances.

Water Purification
in Cafes and Restaurants

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In restaurants, cafes, bars, and catering facilities, water quality reflects the way you do business. Provide your customers with the best quality service.


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The application of reverse osmosis in industry
- is a practical and convenient solution that helps to save money
and automate the technological process.

Promyshlenniy obratniy osmos.


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Our company offers effective solutions
water treatment
for steam and hot water boilers.


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We design, develop and produce
industrial water treatment systems
for the food industry.

Our products
Complete water treatment solutions
We provide turnkey water treatment solutions for a variety of structures and organizations
Water treatment in apartments and offices
It is no secret that the quality of tap water is far from meeting international standards. Compliance with the norms of Ukrainian legislation does not guarantee quality, because these norms are long outdated. Therefore, tap water, as a rule, cannot be consumed without pre-treatment.
Очистка воды в частных домах и коттеджах
Water treatment in private homes and cottages
No matter what kind of water you use, tap water or well water, in most cases it is not suitable for drinking and cooking. Modern water filters allow you to effectively purify water from all kinds of impurities and toxic substances.
Очистка воды для фитнес-центров
Water treatment for fitness centers
All fitness centers struggle to keep their customers happy and healthy, and water is an integral part of health. We help fitness centers with water treatment and offer them effective solutions.
Очистка воды для гостиниц, баз отдыха
Water treatment for hotels, recreation centers
We design and install water treatment systems for hotels, hotels and recreation centers. We approach the solution comprehensively: we implement water treatment for rooms, restaurants on the territory of hotels, boiler rooms, laundries, swimming pools, etc.
Очистка воды для ресторанов
Water treatment for restaurants
Our company is ready to help in the selection of equipment, in determining what level of water treatment is necessary in a particular restaurant or cafe. Working with us, you get engineers, chemical technologists, managers as well as experience in designing and implementing water treatment systems.
 Водоподготовка в пищевой промышленности
Water treatment in the food industry
We design and install water treatment systems for all food processing enterprises: from pasta and dairy products to bottled water production.
Водоочистка в медицине
Water treatment in medicine
We design and install water treatment systems for hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions as well as pharmaceutical manufacturers. All equipment has certificates of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of Ukraine.
Водоподготовка для котельных
Water treatment for boilers
Since the elements of the heating system are made of metal, they are susceptible to corrosion. To minimize corrosion, certain water treatment recommendations must be followed. Our company offers effective water treatment solutions for steam and hot water boilers.
why we are trusted
Production at our
own enterprise
Own design department, production, sevrservice and warehouses in Odessa and Kiev.
Ready-made and
customized solutions
Prefabricated and individual solutions for various uses and room types.
operational experience
Experience, which allows us to select the most effective solutions for each client.
Quick delivery
and installation
Fast delivery and installation of any water treatment equipment, including customized solutions.
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    Testimonials from our customers
    logo review
    Alla Ivanovna
    I was looking for replacement cartridges for the filter, got detailed advice and quickly picked up the best option. Prices pleasantly surprised, a large variety of filters for every taste and in different price ranges. Quality is excellent, since the first time I went to Akvarum, I always buy cartridges only from them.
    logo review
    Anton Sergeyevich
    When I contacted the company, they told me in detail and recommended reverse osmosis systems. They delivered in a very short time and were very helpful with the installation of the water filtration system! Today I am changing filters at their house after 14 months, and I am very pleased that my water has been edible and free of limescale for over a year now. Now water is really thirsty!
    logo review
    I bought a water softener for my grandmother in the village. For the residents of the south of Odessa region I recommend everyone! Satisfied with the service of the company, the staff does not deny, gave full advice about the filters. Already installed and use, all works well. As a result, now plumbing does not rust and is not covered with limescale. Grandma and the whole family are happy!
    logo review
    We have been working with Akvarum for a number of years now. The consultants are always friendly and explain everything in detail. We also had a water analysis done by them and then bought filters. Now regularly change the cartridges, as the price is satisfactory. We have not had to worry about buying water for several years now. We put it under the sink and forget about it. And the main thing is that we don't have to worry about water purity and quality.
    about company

    Company "Aquarum" - we design, produce, supply and install innovative water treatment systems for domestic and industrial purposes. Our clients include private homeowners and industrial enterprises, pharmaceutical production and medical institutions, cafes, restaurants, hotel complexes and hotels. All of them choose Aquarum precisely because we offer the most effective water treatment solutions.

    But in addition, we supply chemical reagents and replacement elements for water treatment systems, implement individual and ready-made chemical water treatment solutions for boiler houses, produce reverse osmosis units for seawater desalination. We also work under international contracts.

    With Aquarum you can be sure of finding the best solution for you. Contact us - we will make your water not only clean but also useful!