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Many centralized water supply systems suffer from unstable pressure, especially in older urban areas. Because of this, modern household appliances do not work or work poorly. Water pressure gauges help you operate your appliances efficiently.

Pressure gauges for water treatment systems

The pressure in the water mains affects the performance of the treatment systems. If the pressure is too low, the water molecules are not pushed through the perforated membrane, an unnecessary discharge of water occurs. Too much pressure can mechanically damage the fine filter.

With an accurate pressure gauge reading, the owner:

  • decides whether to turn on or temporarily turn off the water treatment system;
  • regulates the water supply from the central water supply system;
  • determines that the pre-filters are clogged.

Some water purification filters are sold already equipped with gauges. If your system is not equipped with a gauge or it is broken, call us. A company specialist will give expert advice on the selection and installation of pressure gauges, will accept a request for installation, and will arrange delivery to any city.

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A mechanical measuring device that shows the rate of fluid flow in a pipeline (l/h). The rotameter is used in greenhouses, industrial enterprises, laboratories, bottling plants for bottled water, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Application of rotameter in water supply systems

The device consists of a flask with a measuring scale on the wall, a float, and a pair of connecting fittings. It is integrated into a vertical pipe with water supply from the bottom up.

Without water, the float is at the bottom of the flask under the influence of gravity. The pressure raises it. When the float reaches a balanced state between gravity and water pressure, its edge stops opposite the mark on the scale, indicating the current rate of water consumption.

Three types of rotameters are used:

  • Transparent glass or plastic. Water flow readings are taken visually.
  • For hot, chemical, opaque liquids, a stainless steel flask is used. A float with a magnetic mechanism shows the flow rate.
  • Unattended readings are possible with automated rotameters that transmit readings to the database via a cable.

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Why does water need to be purified?
Untreated water is not safe for health

Untreated tap water contains mechanical impurities, metals, bacteria, pesticides, chemicals in varying amounts that accumulate in the body and can cause various diseases.

Eliminate unpleasant taste and odor

Water treatment helps get rid of the unpleasant taste and odor that appear as a result of an increase in the concentration of inorganic and organic substances in the composition of such water.

Extending the service life of household appliances

Lithuanian water leads to the accumulation of scale on the heating surfaces of electrical appliances, consequently reducing their thermal conductivity. This accelerates appliance failure and increases energy costs.

Clean water ensures a healthy life

It is known that the consumption of clean water is extremely important for maintaining health. That is why purified water is necessary for a person to protect himself from many diseases and to continue an active life without doctors and pills.

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