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Control valves

A control valve is a type of control valve that is used in water treatment systems such as water softeners and filters. It is responsible for regulating and controlling the flow of water through the system, allowing various processes such as filtration, backwashing and regeneration to be carried out efficiently.

Control valves main functions:

  • Flow Control - Helps regulate the flow of water through the treatment system. It can be programmed to force water through the system at the desired rate for various processes such as filtration, backwashing or flushing.
  • Backflush: In systems such as water softeners and some filters, the media (such as the resin in a water softener) can become saturated with contaminants and require cleaning. Backflushing is a change in the direction of water flow in the system to flush out accumulated contaminants. A control valve controls this process by controlling the timing and duration of the cycles.
  • Regeneration: Water softeners use a process called ion exchange to remove hardness salts from water. Over time, the ion exchange resin becomes saturated and must be regenerated with brine. The control valve initiates and controls the regeneration process, ensuring that it occurs at appropriate intervals.
  • Rinsing: After backwashing or regeneration, a rinsing process follows to remove any residual cleaning agents or particles. A control valve controls the flushing cycles to ensure that the purified water is free of contaminants and chemicals.
  • Programming and Automation: This allows users to set up specific schedules and parameters for backwash, regeneration and other processes based on their system's specific water treatment needs. Automation reduces the need for manual intervention and ensures efficient system operation.
  • Saving water: Control valves play a role in saving water by optimizing the backwash and rinse processes.


As such, the control valve is a critical component of water treatment systems, providing the automation, control and precision needed to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of processes such as filtration, backwashing and regeneration. It ensures water treatment systems function optimally, delivering clean, purified water to homes and businesses.

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